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Our Story

   Creating Mexican Cuisine with A Healthy Twist. We create burritos, bowls and tacos with carnivore and herbivore options. The menu is based around a “Build it your way” concept, meaning you can customize your meal anyway you want. We have gluten-free options, all the food is made-to-order, and all core ingredients are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Popular items are Vegan and GF Mole Negro, smoked carnitas and vegan breakfast burritos.

   I wanted to create Mexican Cuisine with a healthy twist. I wanted to create something traditional to me and add some flare to it. That’s when ‘La Casita De Vero’ came about. I knew my journey would start by opening a pop-up at farmers markets, but still didn’t know how long it would take to get into one. I went to my favorite coffee shop; ‘Café Moto’ and gave some samples of my food and asked the owner if I can set up a shop in his parking lot. He told me he would love to have me there! Café Moto open their doors and I worked every weekend there for a year. Little by little I started to get into farmer’s markets. Now you can find La Casita De Vero at La Mesa Farmers Market, Little Italy Farmers Market and Hillcrest Farmers Market.


   I always knew I loved to cook from a very young age. I always loved anything that involved being creative. Coming from a Mexican background, we were brought up to make our parents and families proud. By following what they wanted our career path to be. For our family, it was to become an educator. After high school, I went to college with a major in History and a minor in business. All through college I often contemplated if I would be happier following my passion for cooking. I was afraid to let the family down and also go into a male-dominated field.

   One day I told myself: ‘this is not my happiness’ and I dropped out of college and drove myself back to San Diego. I didn’t go home; I went straight to enroll in a culinary arts school. When I got out of the admissions office from the Art Institute, I called my family told them I was going to follow my passion and become a chef. After many years of working in the field, I had to make a decision. Keep on my path, working in a prestigious hotel that gave me what I always wanted or become a business owner and create dishes that I loved. Dishes that brought me memories of my childhood. Dishes I could be proud of serving. I quit my job at a luxury hotel and became a business owner.


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